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During coitus interrupts, dhe passive part takes his cock out of the vagina or anus before cumming.

Coitus interuptus

Among heterosexual couples, coitus is Interuptus often used as an unsafe contraceptive method. Here, the active part draws its Penis for the Orgasm from the vagina or the anus. The reasons for the Coitus Interuptus iThe problems within a homosexual relationship are mostly of a sexual nature. Many gays find it extremely hornyto actually see your partner's sperm and watch him come.

Coitus Interuptus Incidentally, this refers to the general termination of the actual sex. So that it doesn't happen too abruptly, it can also be very horny to break off shortly before the orgasm and then enter the Blowjob to switch.

But: as erotic as the Coitus Interuptus However, it is extremely dangerous to try to use this technique for contraception or even to prevent diseases. Of course, diseases can be transmitted via sperm. A Coitus InteruptusHowever, this does not mean that the partner does not come into contact with small amounts of sperm. Unfortunately, many couples still weigh themselves down here and ONS-partner in safety.

However, the following applies: The Coitus Interuptus can be fun and prove to be a welcome change from the classic orgasm. It is also often used in porn to show the viewer that a performer has actually come. However, it is completely unsuitable when it comes to avoiding pregnancy or disease. In the end, only the Condom.