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Dogging is the public announcement of where and when you want to have sex.


With dogging, gays (and also straight men) decide to publicly announce their next sex adventure. The aim is to attract as many voyeurs as possible. In the age of the internet, dogging is no longer a problem.

Those who are looking for voyeurs and that very special thrill usually find what they are looking for in relevant chats and on platforms. The corresponding dates can be easily entered here.

With regard to the choice of location, however, it is important to exercise caution. If you are too permissive, you risk being charged with causing a public nuisance. This is especially true if dogging becomes a real event with many spectators. In order to limit the number of spectators, it may be worthwhile to use a little trick. It is possible to publish only the day and time in the first step and then reveal the exact location via PN in the second step.

This usually makes it possible to keep an eye on the number of passive participants. However, it is not uncommon for classic doggings to develop into special sex adventures with several participants. Here, too, it makes sense to discuss in advance what is and is not allowed on the date in question. Who wants to have to discuss with others during sex whether they are allowed to join in or not?

A somewhat mitigated form is to invite others to your home, for example, to be observed.