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During electrosex, erogenous zones are stimulated with (more or less) electricity.


In order to be able to practise electrosex, you need certain equipment, which is available in many sex shops, among other places. With their help, particularly erogenous zonesuch as testicles or nipples can be stimulated.

Most sex toys of this kind allow you to individually set the amount of current during electrosex. After all, it's helpful to be able to slowly approach the right dose. Of course, it is up to each person to decide whether the devices are operated by themselves or by their partner. However, especially with regard to use in connection with certain diseases (especially in the area of the heart), a doctor should always be consulted before using electro toys.

Many gays and supporters of the BDSM Scene also combine electrosex with other ideas around bondage games and co. Depending on Toy it can also be that either "only" the current or additionally pain is brought into focus. The toys can either be glued on or actually pinched. Depending on the body part, there are different possibilities.

Among gays, electrosex is particularly popular directly in and around the anus. However, those who have not yet dealt with this topic in advance should definitely approach the implementation slowly. Electricity can cause different pain and sensations than, for example, a whip, a leather strap or similar. Therefore, it is always important to first slowly find out for yourself how much current is still acceptable and when the individual limit is reached.