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Erogenous zones are the areas of the body that are particularly sensitive to touch.

Erogene Zone

An erogenous zone is an area of the body that is very sensitive to touch. Particularly well-known zones are the Penisthe scrotum, the nipples and the ears. However, everyone reacts differently to the corresponding touches. What turns some people on extremely can be perceived as unpleasant by others.

In this context, the advantage of a longer relationship often becomes apparent. Gradually, you get to know your partner's personal erogenous zones and can consciously use them to make sex even more exciting. In the course of time, you get used to it and know which touches can evoke which feelings.

But why are these zones so sensitive? The "secret" lies in the course of the human nerve pathways. These end here and ensure that particularly strong feelings (both positive and negative) can be felt.

By the way: erogenous zones can of course not only be stimulated with the hand. There are many sex toys that are precisely designed for use in connection with these zones. No matter whether they are based on vibration or electricity: the possibilities here are very versatile and should ensure that everyone finds their favourite.

In the search for your own erogenous zones, it can help to try out a little masturbation. This often leads to exciting new ideas that can later be implemented together with your partner.