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At Foreign outing, a gay man or lesbian woman is outed by other people and thus does not have the opportunity to take this important step himself.

A Foreign Outing can become a real problem not only socially but also psychologically. As the name suggests, a gay man (or lesbian woman) is outed by outsiders.

Depending on the extent to which the person concerned accepts (or not) their own sexual preferences, this form of coming out can leave deep traces. After all, informing one's circle of friends is often an important step on the way to the "new, homosexual self". Many people who come out of the Foreign The people who are guilty of outing themselves are not aware of the consequences.

The internet and the corresponding possibilities also show time and again that the inhibition thresholds in connection with Foreign Outing fall. It is obviously particularly easy for many people to spread the corresponding information on social networks. Many gays feel ashamed after an involuntary Self Outing of this kind and no longer dare to come face to face with their friends.

However, it is a special form of third-party coaching when the gay man or lesbian woman explicitly asks someone from their environment to inform the others because they do not dare to do so talk about their feelings for fear of a negative reaction.

This technique is especially often used among siblings and before a conversation with parents.

The good news is that many people now react very positively to a Coming Out - in whatever form. As a result, it is often not the homosexuals who are viewed critically, but those who have attempted to become gay with the help of a Foreign Outings to make a name for themselves.