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A shotacon is a manga comic that deals with erotic or sexual gay content. Depending on the presentation, the shotacon is classified as pornography.

The typical shotacon is particularly popular among gays in the manga scene. Even though a shotacon is by definition just a comic book that focuses on gays, a look at the corresponding magazines shows that there is more to it than just a gay story. Flirt. In the Shotacon they fuck and cum.

Accordingly, it is self-explanatory why stories of this kind fall into the realm of pornography. However, the combination of sex and manga is not uncommon. Many heterosexuals can also get enthusiastic about the corresponding depictions.

One of the special features of Shotacon is that - due to the fact that everything is drawn here - almost all scenarios can be played out. As a rule, there are no (or almost no) limits to the imagination. However, as soon as the border to glorification of violence (for example in the form of rape) is crossed, the Shotacon also becomes illegal.

Over time, a real hype has developed around the erotic Shotacon trend. The fan base around gay comics has become bigger and bigger. If you are looking for new material, you can now find it not only on the internet, but often also at relevant exchanges, fairs and in sex shops. The well-known, popular artists of the Scene bring out new stories at regular intervals. Some of them come printed, others in moving comics.

Many fans celebrate the corresponding stories in a particularly realistic way by dressing up as manga characters themselves in cosplays and then shagging.