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Being cheeky is simply part of the game for many gays

If you are cheeky, you definitely don't have to be rude! Rather, as is so often the case, it depends on the necessary sensitivity to possibly hit the bull's eye with the other person (especially when flirting).

Because: Cheekiness can show itself on different levels. Those who manage to combine humour with a little sarcasm and a high sympathy factor are usually on the safe side and are considered a great flirt, conversation, relationship and/or bed partner.

Of course, it is not very sexy to use crude insults here. But that is not the point! Cheeky gays often make themselves known while chatting and thus usually manage to conquer hearts quickly.

"Don't be cheeky!" - or is it?

Many gay men find it incredibly stimulating to talk to someone who doesn't just tell them what they want to hear, but gives his opinion in a direct yet sympathetic way.

Last but not least, this character trait or this way of talking to each other is also perfectly suited to be integrated into sexy role-playing games, among other things.

But be careful! Of course, it is not always appropriate to be cheeky and to have loose sayings on your lips. If you want to leave a lasting (and positive) impression, you should always consider how much cheekiness your counterpart can take and on which occasions it might be wiser to hold back a little.

Recognise naughty gays in chat

In the context of a chat - assuming a little knowledge of human nature - it is often easy to recognise whether a person tends to tease his or her counterpart a little with words. Some chatters love to work with smilies and other emojis in this context in order to defuse their statements in a sympathetic way. After all, otherwise - especially when chatting for the first time - misunderstandings can sometimes arise that could actually have been avoided.

But regardless of whether it's within a committed relationship, flirting or in bed: being together with a gay, cheeky man is usually particularly fun. However, you should not be too thin-skinned as a partner here either. Those who manage to get involved with these special characters are likely to gain insight into an exciting world and - not only in terms of sex - gather many new experiences.

Accordingly, it is worth giving these exciting characters a chance, not shying away from the risk and instead learning that "extroverted" and "incredibly likeable" are not mutually exclusive.

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