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Gay cruising is about meeting at certain places and having sex with each other here - usually completely anonymously.

If you are a gay man looking for a little (sex) variety, you will soon come across the possibility of visiting a so-called cruising area. These are facilities or places where gays meet for anonymous sex. Especially in big cities, there is usually no shortage of such offers.

The places are - especially within the Scene - widely known. However, there are also real insider tips every now and then for all those who are looking for this special kind of harmless fun.

Many counselling centres always refer to the use of condoms in connection with gay cruising areas. Some of them even offer cruising packages containing not only rubbers but also a note and a pen. After all, it is possible for sex to be so horny was that you would like to see the gay in question again sometime?

However, gay cruising is not just about singles meeting each other. Many men who are actually in a committed relationship also use cheating with anonymous partners to break out of their relationship for a bit now and then.

Cruising parties are particularly popular. These events are often offered in sex clubs and in many cases develop into real orgies. Those who like changing partners, sex without obligations and fucking in a very special atmosphere definitely get their money's worth at cruising. However, despite all the passion - as already mentioned - safety should not be neglected. Otherwise, the risk of getting into trouble while gay cruising with STDs to become infected is comparatively high.