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A / P

active passive

A / P - The right choice for your Orgasm This abbreviation A / P stands for the terms "active" and "passive". This refers to men who like both the active and the passive role and appreciate and practice both roles. However, there are of course also gays who opt for either the active or the... weiterlesen



A2M is a term from the gayScene and means "ass to mouth". These terms come from English and stand for "ass to mouth". This is a sex practice in which the active partner first puts his or her erect cock into the mouth. Penis into the anus of the passive partner and then inserts it into the mouth of the passive... weiterlesen



AAU the self-help group "Ans andere Ufer" in Bremen & East Friesland AAU this abbreviation stands for "Ans andere Ufer" and is representative of a self-help group for the late Coming out for gay men in Germany. Self-help? Yes, exactly. After all, many gay men have found it difficult to admit their passion and love for... weiterlesen



Abstinence Homosexual abstinence - Why gays desist from horny sex! Abstinence means sexual abstinence. Abstinent people consciously (and voluntarily) abstain from sexuality - for a variety of reasons. Many live abstinently because of celibacy or have decided to wait for their "great love" before having sex. Also the "No... weiterlesen

Adult Baby

Adult Baby

"Adult Baby / Diaper-Love" the nappy fetish for gay men The term "Adult Baby" comes from English and stands for "adult infant". More precisely, it can be assigned to erotic ageplay. As the name suggests, this is about making your partner grow younger - at least in your imagination. By no means do people have... weiterlesen

Monkey maker

Monkey maker

Monkey Maker - The popular toy of the BDSM-Scene "Monkey maker" is the name given to a tool or even a Toy from the field of BDSM. Many gays also know the monkey maker as a testicle press, as a "testicle hogger" or as a "posture trainer. This is a very special construct that consists of two brackets. These are screwed into each other. In the middle of the... weiterlesen


AHF Armpit Fuck

AHF - This abbreviation stands for "armpit fuck" This means that the partner has his erect Penis in the armpit of his sexual partner. Depending on your personal taste, this can of course also be done up to the Orgasm be delayed. However, some gays love to use the AHF as a kind of foreplay. Especially practical: depending on your personal taste, you can... weiterlesen



AIDS, a sexually transmitted disease is spreading This well-known abbreviation stands for "Acquired Immune Defiency Syndrome". This term is used to describe a specific combination of symptoms that occur in humans as a result of the destruction of the immune system induced by infection with the HIV virus. Particularly in the 1980s, both medical and... weiterlesen



Active, the sexual part of dominant men The term "active" is used to describe a partner who takes on the active part during sex. But what does that actually mean in everyday sex? Basically, "active" can be interpreted in two ways here. For example, the one who controls the action, takes the initiative on his own, etc. is more dominant than the one who... weiterlesen

Al Fresco Sex


Al Fresco Sex, the sex in the great outdoors like God made us Al Fresco Sex is often referred to in everyday life as "Outdoor Sex" is the term used. This is sexual intercourse in the open air, for example in a forest, in the bush, on the beach or in a park. Above all, the attraction of the forbidden is certainly... weiterlesen