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Toy" is - in an erotic context - the short form of sex toy. It refers to sex toys that can be used either during sexual intercourse or masturbation.

Anyone who (whether as a Straight or as a gay man) is looking for a toy will be confronted with a wide range of choices - both on the internet and in sex shops. A look at the size of the assortment shows how versatile sex can be these days. Regardless of whether customers are interested in Flower sex or for the Hardcore variant can inspire: Toys are available in a number of variants.

Dildos and vibrators, however, are among the most popular toys of all. They are replicas of cocks that can be inserted accordingly.

In the course of time, the range of toys has become larger and larger. This effect can be explained, among other things, by the fact that people have become much more open with regard to their sexual desires. Those who want to be inspired can, for example, visit larger erotic fairs or similar events.

Which toy is "the best" in an individual case depends, of course, on personal taste. For example, there are gays who are particularly fond of stimulation with stimulation current. Others love the classic kind, such as penetration of the Prostate.

As in connection with other sexual experiences, it is also true with regard to toys that it can be worthwhile to simply try out different variations. The special "accessories" have not been sold in dark corners of sex shops for a long time. On the contrary! Many fans of the Scene see them as genuine lifestyle products that definitely no one should be ashamed to use.

Depending on their construction, toys are in most cases suitable for both masturbation and sex with two (or more) people.