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Scene" is a comparatively broad term that can refer to different areas, including the gay scene

The term "scene" is a word that can be used with regard to incredibly diverse areas. The members of a scene often feel that they belong together as a community and are characterised by special features. The gay scene, among others, is particularly well known. It is an important part of the LGBTQ community and represents an important retreat for many gays.

Especially when family and friends are (frighteningly) looking for a Coming Out often find refuge in the respective community.

However, the term "scene" can also have negative connotations. This is particularly evident in connection with the notorious drug scene.

A scene can also change over time - especially with regard to its size and the character of its members. In the past, many academics, among others, have dealt with this exciting topic.

One thing is certain: scenes existed even before a corresponding name was invented for them. They can be found in numerous facets, can be a place of retreat and self-determination at the same time. Most members do not explicitly decide to belong. Often it is a mix of chance and the acting out of one's own preferences that ensures that the people concerned find each other and identify with each other. The connections within the group in question can be many and varied. From friends to acquaintances to lovers (or strangers), everything is usually represented here.