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Monatsarchiv: February 2021

"I can smell you well!", ... But why actually?

"I can smell you well!", ... But why actually

How important is it to smell right when choosing a partner? The smell and smelling of a person is sometimes perceived more, sometimes less consciously, but can ensure that we find him attractive or not. The good news: it is definitely possible to optimise one's own olfactory impressions. Or in other words: those who don't - such as... weiterlesen

What to do about bad breath or bad breath?

What to do about bad breath or halitosis

Love killer bad breath - tips against bad breath The first date is coming up and the excitement is rising. Nothing should go wrong on this first evening or be left to chance, because often the first impression decides on possible further meetings. In this context, bad breath is not only considered unattractive, but also particularly "insidious". Because: the... weiterlesen

Confessing an infidelity? Does it make sense or not?

Confessing an infidelity Useful or not

How sensible is it to confess an infidelity? Entering into a monogamous relationship is no problem for many people - at least in the beginning. The butterflies in the stomach are omnipresent. Nothing seems to dampen the newfound happiness - until everyday life sets in. After a few arguments, some couples often only see the things that... weiterlesen

Ricky Martin supports campaign for "Pulse" memorial

Ricky Martin supports campaign for "Pulse" memorial

Ricky Martin supports the construction of a memorial to commemorate the massacre in Florida The massacre in Florida, which stunned the world on 12 June 2016, is still unforgotten today, which is why Ricky Martin is now also getting involved. Because a total of 49 people lost their lives that evening... And only because their... weiterlesen

Sydney opens the Rainbow Trail

Sydney opens the Rainbow Trail

Rainbow Trail in Sydney commemorates important LGBTQ Day More and more nations are allowing same-sex couples to marry. Among other things, lovers "Down Under" also have the opportunity to tie the knot on the rainbow path. So that this can be shown to the outside world and celebrated every day anew, a rainbow path has now been... weiterlesen

How do you get a toned upper body by spring?

How to get a toned upper body by spring

Spring is coming - exercises for a trained upper body Even if the current temperatures suggest otherwise: the next spring or summer without a trained upper body is coming! Accordingly, many people are already asking themselves to what extent their own resolutions to do more sport and exercise regularly have been implemented. The good news: although... weiterlesen

Elton John and Michael Caine promote Corona vaccination

Elton John and Michael Caine promote Corona vaccinations

Elton John promotes vaccination against Covid-19 It is not only in this country that the Corona vaccination is still associated with many questions. Many people are sceptical and wonder what said vaccination does to their bodies and whether they can trust a drug that was apparently developed within such a short time. Again and again, experts emphasise in this context... weiterlesen