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Transsexual people were born in the wrong body. They feel like a man but are - in biological terms - a woman and vice versa.

Being transsexual can develop into an enormous psychological burden. Because: those affected were born in the wrong body. Or in other words: biological men feel like women and biological women feel like men.

The corresponding realisation of belonging to the other gender often comes in teenage years. However, some people also notice earlier that they are "somehow different" from their gender mates or feel "somehow strange" with their innate gender.

But: being transsexual is of course not a disease! Nevertheless, doctors are considered in the context of a Gender reassignment as important contact points - also from a psychological point of view. After all, the decision to undergo such an operation is not one that is made "overnight".

The path from man to woman or from woman to man can take several years. Nowadays, those affected can find help at various counselling centres, which refer them to further contacts from other areas if necessary.

Nowadays, anyone who notices (or suspects) that they are transsexual definitely does not have to feel left alone. The LGBTQ Community is more diverse than ever and welcomes new members. Transsexuality is now one of the pillars on which the Rainbow flag is held.

However, it is a prejudice (unfortunately still very present) that men who feel they are women are per se gay would be. Moreover, not every woman who likes to dress masculine and not every man who emphasises his feminine side is automatically transsexual. Anyone who looks a little deeper into the topic of "transsexuality" quickly realises that this is a completely different area of sexual diversity.