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The rainbow flag is used as a symbol of the LGBTQ scene. Each colour has a different meaning.

Anyone who thinks of the typical image of a Christopher Street Day (CSD) usually has them in mind: the waving rainbow flags. Like hardly any other symbol, they stand for tolerance, diversity and love in numerous variations.

What is particularly interesting in this context, however, is that the rainbow flag not only stands for said versatility, but is even a little more complex than it might appear at first glance. Strictly speaking, each individual colour stands for a different thematic area. For example, while the colour red symbolises love and the joy of life, the colour green stands for nature.

The history around the rainbow flag can be traced back over several decades. Many people associate it with the theme song from "The Wizard of Oz". "Somewhere over the Rainbow" brought Judy Garland to world fame and the singer became an icon for the gay and lesbian movement. Accordingly, it is not surprising why the song is still used today in connection with CSDs, Drag shows and many other events.

Due to the topicality of the issue and the fact that queer people are unfortunately still exposed to numerous forms of discrimination today, many companies have now decided to include the flag in their special editions, for example in the fashion and beauty sector. In doing so, the companies concerned are making an important statement and "incidentally" expressing their solidarity with queer people. Scene. For this, they often receive a lot of encouragement - especially in the social networks - but they are also occasionally met with hostility.