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Monatsarchiv: August 2020

Matthias Mangiapane is poor! In "Suddenly Poor, Suddenly Rich".

Matthias Mangiapane is poor! In Suddenly Poor, Suddenly Rich

Matthias Mangiapane on "Suddenly poor, suddenly rich". Programmes about the financial circumstances of Germans continue to enjoy particular popularity. The project "Suddenly poor, suddenly rich" is no exception. The whole thing becomes particularly interesting when celebrities dare to appear in front of the camera. At the end of August, on 31 August 2020 to be precise,... weiterlesen

Daniel Küblböck: Will the singer soon be declared dead?

Daniel Küblböck Will the singer soon be declared dead

Daniel Küblböck: will he soon be declared dead? The news hit like a bomb in September 2018: singer Daniel Küblböck is said to have jumped off a ship and has been missing ever since. The first rumours quickly arose. Fans even hoped he had faked his death in order to start a new life somewhere.... weiterlesen

Jens Spahn buys luxury villa with husband for more than € 4 million

Health Minister Spahn buys luxury villa for more than 4 million.

In the middle of the Corona crisis: Jens Spahn buys himself a villa The news hit like a small bomb and was often grist to the mill of those who loudly criticised the decisions of the governing politicians anyway. In the last few days, several media reported that the health minister, together with his husband Daniel Funke, had bought a... weiterlesen

Katy Bähm continues to mix up the container

Katy Bähm continues to mix up the container

Katy Bähm mixes up the container: Promi Big Brother with a Queer Touch. The days go by in the Promi Big Brother fairytale forest... and Drag Queen Katy Bähm seems to manage to come out of herself more and more. Her talk about depression was particularly moving in this context. Among other things, she told how she had cut herself as a teenager.... weiterlesen

Shoe trends for men - these styles are in for autumn 2020.

The autumn shoe trends for men 2020

Shoe trends for men - these models are hot in autumn 2020. At the latest when the temperatures drop a little and the number of rainy days increases, many gays ask themselves which shoe trends for men could be best suited to complete their own outfit. Like every other season, there are also... weiterlesen

News on "PRIDE NOW - THE ColognePride SHOW" in Cologne

News about PRIDE NOW - THE Cologne Pride SHOW in Cologne

News on the CSD in Cologne: The PRIDE NOW - THE ColognePride SHOW. The Cologne CSD is one of the best-known events of its kind. Cologne has always stood for joie de vivre, tolerance and a very special feeling. The organisers of the Pride have not opted for a general cancellation, but only for a postponement of the event to autumn... weiterlesen

Healthy snacks for the summer

Healthy snacks for the summer

Healthy snacks for summer - treats for high temperatures. Many people feel less hungry in summer. But that doesn't stop them from eating unhealthy snacks and making life difficult for their (perhaps hard-won) beach body figure. The good news is that it is of course possible to eat a balanced diet in the summer... weiterlesen

Katy Bähm shoots herself out of the running?

Katy Bähm shoots herself out of the running

Promi Big Brother 2020: Does Katy Bähm shoot herself out of the running? Actually, the chances for Katy Bähm were anything but bad: the Drag Queen managed to make a name for herself among PBB fans within a short period of time and win a heart or two in the viewing community. Until now. Currently, dark... weiterlesen

The coolest styles for men -Men's Hairstyles 2020

The coolest styles for men - Trend hairstyles 2020

These men's hairstyles are particularly trendy in late summer 2020. What would an exciting look be without the matching men's hairstyles? Just about every season has its very own trends when it comes to making an individual statement. But what actually applies in this context for the coming months? With which men's hairstyles is "mann" on the safe side?... weiterlesen