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Katy Bähm mixes up the container: Celebrity Big Brother with a Queer Touch.

Katy Bähm continues to mix up the container

The days go by in the Promi Big Brother fairytale forest... and Drag Queen Katy Bähm seems to manage to come out of her shell more and more.

Particularly moving in this context was her talk about depression. Among other things, she said that she had cut herself as a teenager. The accompanying pictures and the camera panning to her arm show that this is definitely not an imaginary story. Numerous scars flash next to the tattoos of the "Queen of Drags" brought it to prominence.

Katy Bähm used to hurt herself - but why?

Today, Katy Bähm seems like a self-confident person who knows where she stands in life. However, that was not always the case. The Drag Queen talks about how for a long period of time she was unsure about whether she would be gay or not. This phase of self-discovery threatened to break her.

She took refuge in self-harm. She is not alone in this. Shockingly, there are many people who struggle with their "queer identity", especially at the beginning, and do not know any other way to help themselves. Anyone who notices that it is a particular psychological challenge for them to accept their own preferences should definitely seek help.

Katy Bähm has now left this dark period of her life behind her. She lives in what is probably the most famous celebrity flat-share and is sometimes broadcast in prime time.

Has Katy Bähm overcome her depression?

People who suffer from depression know that even experts find it difficult to talk about a hundred percent cure. Katy Bähm also had to experience that the danger of falling back into sadness is extremely high.

The art of flirting in the virtual age

According to her, a particular turning point was the suicide of a friend. He had tried to reach her. She did not have the time and pushed the call away. A few days later he was dead. The chain of events left her in a deep hole.

The drag queen seems to enjoy the moments of applause and love among the residents all the more. She seems happy, confident and yet emotional. A worthy contender for victory? Maybe. For this to happen, however, dear Katy would still have to win over audience favourites such as Ikke Hipgold or Mischa, pass by. Will it succeed?

One thing is certain: The interest in the drag queen is great and some trust her - especially with the LGBTQ community - she is quite confident of victory. Her boyfriend also recently dared to step in front of the cameras and reported on the late-night show Talk with Melissa and Jochen Bendel about the background to Promi Big Brother about his treasure

Can Kathy Bähm convince the audience?

Unfortunately, Katy Bähm did not make it to the final on Queen of Drags. Therefore, the information about her private life and the "real Katy" - at least until the start of Promi Big Brother - was still largely manageable.

The container, which by the way is a fairytale forest or a fairytale castle this time, once again gives her the chance to introduce people not only to herself but also to the queer lifestyle.

Based on the reactions of the audience and the comments in the social networks, it can currently be assumed that she is succeeding in doing just that in a wonderful way - at least until now.

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