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Gay Cruising

5 tips for more fun cruising

Gay cruising

5 tips for more fun in gay cruising # For many gays, cruising is one of the most erotic leisure activities of all! However, a closer look reveals a few details that can make the "most beautiful pastime in the world" even more fun. But how is it actually possible not to reinvent cruising, but to... weiterlesen

Gay Cruising the special adventure

Gay cruising

Gay Cruising Areas - the best conditions for special adventures 10 April 2020 18:12 If you think of a gay cruise when you hear the term "gay cruising", a little research will tell you otherwise. Gay cruising is a very special opportunity to meet like-minded people. The goal: the search for a new sex partner.... weiterlesen

Atlantis Gay Cruises - LGBT+ cruise line has come under fire

The world's largest gay cruise line has come under fire for reportedly denying reimbursement for travel during the coronavirus pandemic. The German government's latest travel advisory states that people over 65 and those with pre-existing health conditions should avoid Gay Cruises cruises, after a number of ships around the world... weiterlesen