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Many LGBTQ supporters suffer from cyberbullying on the internet

Many LGBTQ supporters suffer from cyberbullying on the internet

Bullying on the internet - many queers also affected This is undoubtedly one of the most dreaded dark sides of the internet: cyberbullying. What used to exist exclusively in the "real world" has now transferred to the internet. Here, many bullies have the opportunity to act even more rudely and brutally, as they can resort to the so often... weiterlesen

Mouthguards can also be sexy

Stylish mouthguard ideas for Corona time - safety can also be sexy Even though there is still (?) no obligation to wear a mouthguard in this country (as of 22.04.2020), more and more homosexual men are becoming interested in these special "accessories". After all, the federal government has repeatedly emphasised their usefulness in the past. But must a... weiterlesen

How does it actually work to be gay in Germany?

How gay-friendly is Germany, actually? 15 April 2020 10:04 Over a comparatively long period of time, it has been difficult to quantify the number of people who are gay-friendly. LGBTQ community known in Germany. There was a lack of representative studies and surveys. Reliable values were determined in 2016. Here, approximately 7.5 per cent of Germans stated that they were either lesbian,... weiterlesen

Streaming afternoon with LGBT series

Popular LGBT Series and films for streaming afternoons Anyone who is in the mood for special entertainment today no longer has to go to the cinema. In times of binge-watching, streaming and the like, it's not hard to go in search of a new favourite series. Especially the developments with regard to storylines and around the LGBT... weiterlesen

Lindenstraße and the LGBTQ scene

Bye-bye, Lindenstraße! How a TV series changed the Scene revolutionised 31 March 2020 09:28 So now the time has come: The last episode of Lindenstraße has been broadcast. Millions of fans were eagerly awaiting the finale, but would still have wished that it had been filmed decades later. No question: Lindenstraße was and is cult. Not... weiterlesen

Will Christopher Street Day still take place in 2020?

CSD 2020 in danger due to Corona? When thinking about the upcoming Christopher Street Day, some gays are currently looking at the calendar with slight worry lines. After numerous major events have already been cancelled, the question naturally arises: will the CSD events in Germany take place at all in 2020? After all, the CSD Potsdam has been scheduled for 09 May 2020.... weiterlesen