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The best queer films and series on streaming TV

The best queer films and series on streaming TV

Streaming services also focus on queer entertainment - Queer series for relaxed TV evenings Not only the classic TV programme, but also the current streaming services are slowly becoming more and more colourful. In this context, many providers prove time and again that queer content can now be standard. Excitingly, the members of the LGBTQ Scene here often not as protagonists,... weiterlesen

Amazon Prime launches Germany's first gay channel with OUTtv

Amazon Prime launches OUTtv, Germany's first LGBTQ channel

Amazon integrated LGBTQ Channel in Amazon Prime The time has recently come: Amazon Prime customers can now get an LGBTQ channel with OUTtv. If you want to use the channel, you have to pay just under 6 euros a month. In return, you get queer content galore. (As an alternative to the Prime version, according to the press release, you can... weiterlesen