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Homophobia in everyday life

Homophobia and homophobia has many facets

Homophobia and homophobia have many facets Homophobia in everyday life is more current than ever, also in Germany. Many queers encounter homophobic people - maybe not every day, but still regularly. The unpleasant experiences are often obvious. But indirect homophobia is also widespread. This often involves certain acts and statements that discredit homosexuals and show... weiterlesen

Disney+ presents - Love, Victor via Star

Disney+ presents via Star - Love, Victor

Series "Love, Victor" finally available on German streaming service The LGBTQ Series hit "Love. Simon" from the USA finally makes it to a German streaming service. Fans had to wait a long time for this day. In the meantime, the series is running on "Disney+" - more precisely: in the newly introduced category "Disney+ STAR". However, "Love, Victor" is not the... weiterlesen

Ricky Martin supports campaign for "Pulse" memorial

Ricky Martin supports campaign for "Pulse" memorial

Ricky Martin supports the construction of a memorial to commemorate the massacre in Florida The massacre in Florida, which stunned the world on 12 June 2016, is still unforgotten today, which is why Ricky Martin is now also getting involved. Because a total of 49 people lost their lives that evening... And only because their... weiterlesen

Sydney opens the Rainbow Trail

Sydney opens the Rainbow Trail

Rainbow Trail in Sydney commemorates important LGBTQ Day More and more nations are allowing same-sex couples to marry. Among other things, lovers "Down Under" also have the opportunity to tie the knot on the rainbow path. So that this can be shown to the outside world and celebrated every day anew, a rainbow path has now been... weiterlesen

Elton John and Michael Caine promote Corona vaccination

Elton John and Michael Caine promote Corona vaccinations

Elton John promotes vaccination against Covid-19 It is not only in this country that the Corona vaccination is still associated with many questions. Many people are sceptical and wonder what said vaccination does to their bodies and whether they can trust a drug that was apparently developed within such a short time. Again and again, experts emphasise in this context... weiterlesen

The best queer films and series on streaming TV

The best queer films and series on streaming TV

Streaming services also focus on queer entertainment - Queer series for relaxed TV evenings Not only the classic TV programme, but also the current streaming services are slowly becoming more and more colourful. In this context, many providers prove time and again that queer content can now be standard. Excitingly, the members of the LGBTQ Scene here often not as protagonists,... weiterlesen