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A drag king is a woman who slips into a male role and often lives it down to the last detail.

Drag King

A Drag King is a woman who loves to dress up as a man and thus stage her role perfectly. Another special feature: due to the fact that particular character traits and movements are usually exaggerated, exciting situations and sometimes funny moments often arise.

Due to the fascination that has developed over time around the drag kings, there are now also many shows that perfectly take up the game with gender roles. Here, however, it is usually about much more than "just" comedy.

For many drag kings, it is important to spread a special message with their appearance. Holding up a mirror and referencing the classic gender roles is used by many stars of the Scene interpreted as an important element.

Some drags have perfected their look and movements more and more, so that it is sometimes difficult to tell at first glance whether it might not actually be a man.

However, it is a prejudice that all drag kings are lesbians. Rather, they are often only concerned with making a special statement and softening the boundaries between "male" and "female" a little more. They would certainly not always achieve this goal on the basis of a simple interpretation of the opposite sex.