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Planetromeo - an app for dating, fun, flirting and co.

Planetro allows you versatile gay dating

Planetromeo is aimed at all men who are interested in gay dating. Admittedly, there are now many apps that advertise for new members. Accordingly, it is all the more important to take a closer look here. Planetromeo can look back on a long history. The platform was launched at the beginning of the 2000s and has been able to increase its popularity more and more.

Today, Planetromeo is also used by many men outside Germany. Especially when you feel like (more or less) spontaneous meetings with guys in your area, it makes sense to drop by here.

One aspect that sets the platform apart from many other providers, however, is the fact that you can not only date here, but also inform yourself. The offer is rounded off by different scene news and is accordingly versatile.

Can you use Planetromeo free of charge?

Basically, the user comfort of this dating app is very high. However, if you want to enjoy this to the fullest extent, you should opt for a membership. Alternatively, you can also use the app for free - but then with restrictions.

What is certain, however, is that many men who have once tried the free variant quickly switch over and pay to use Planetromeo.

Among other things, they then enjoy the advantage that the number of their daily messages is no longer limited and they can chat and exchange with men as much as they want.

However, the search for a suitable chat partner could be connected with the famous agony of choice due to the many expressive (and partly very revealing) profiles. Because: the provider obviously attaches great importance to everyone being able to present themselves in the best possible way. The profiles offer a lot and leave a lot of room for individual details. Wonderful for all those who want to draw attention to themselves.

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Who is on Planetromeo?

Especially if you expect a lot from registering with Planetromeo, you will surely ask yourself whether your high expectations will be fulfilled.

How promising your activities on the platform are naturally depends on your personal goals. Especially if you are primarily interested in:

  • harmless chats
  • Sexy Real Meetings
  • Affairs
  • One Night Stands
  • Flirt
  • further information on the Scene
  • international acquaintances

you should feel well taken care of in the Planetromeo app. At this point, of course, we should not conceal the fact that there are also some men on this platform who are interested in a serious relationship. However, the size of this target group is rather manageable. As always, the best thing to do is to check what you want and what your chat partner wants beforehand and find out whether you have similar interests.

Your advantages with Planetromeo at a glance

Are you thinking about registering with Planetromeo? There are many reasons to register. If you first want to get a harmless impression, you can of course also use the free access. However, as is usual with free dating apps, you only have a limited number of options at your disposal.

Planetromeo offers you, among other things:

  • a (limited) free of charge usage option
  • a high level of user comfort - either via desktop or app
  • a straightforward login and registration process
  • the opportunity to present yourself optimally with a meaningful profile
  • to chat via video
  • a diverse range of topics that goes far beyond classic dating
  • a colourful audience, so that you will meet the most diverse types here - first virtually, later perhaps in real life.

Which advantage seems most convincing to you depends, of course, on your own personal preferences.

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How much does Planetromeo cost?

If you want to use Planetromeo to its full extent, you have to take out a membership. The motto here is: the longer you commit, the less you pay per month. If you only want to be a member for one month, you pay 8.99 euros. A three-month membership costs a total of 20.97 euros. The whole thing is particularly cheap if you decide on a 12-month membership. Here you pay just under 60 euros for the whole year.

Please note in this context that the prices for the memberships in the dating app can of course also change again and again. During the registration process, you will be shown the current conditions. Here you can individually calculate which option is best for you.


Planetro also allows you to have a versatile and gay dating experience



Bernd Dieter Sellwig 13. April 2023 um 11:52

Why can't I get Gay Romeo on the PC anymore ?


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