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At the end of the war: Homosexual victims of the Nazi regime

Homosexual victims of the Nazi regime

Homosexual victims of the Nazi regime In May 1945, the German Wehrmacht surrendered unconditionally. The Second World War came to an end. After it had claimed several million victims, a new era in world history was to begin. However, the dead and persecuted of this dark period should never be forgotten. Among other things, gays were also persecuted by the Nazi regime. Already... weiterlesen

Would you have known that you can charm your partner so easily?

With these cocktails you can enchant your partner Are you looking for a culinary surprise for your sweetheart, but don't feel like cooking or baking? Then how about a delicious cocktail? Especially now that the days are getting longer again, nothing stands in the way of romantic cocktail evenings. Many creations taste... weiterlesen

Will blood donations remain forbidden for homosexuals?

Pressure on Federal Government Grows - Allow Blood Donations for Homosexuals? For several weeks now, the pressure on the federal government has been increasing. More and more people are apparently of the opinion that the ban on blood donations for gay men is no longer in keeping with the times. Now the discussion has reached a new level. Among others, Microsoft and IKEA have also got involved. They... weiterlesen

This is how gay men get married in the age of Corona!

Marriage in times of Corona? - Now more than ever! Certainly, there have been times in the past when getting married or entering into a civil union proved to be less complicated. But does that make it sensible to forego getting married at the moment? Should gays postpone their wedding? And if so, why should they? Isn't it primarily a matter of... weiterlesen

Gayromeo takes old platform off the net

Gayromeo takes old platform off the net - members have little understanding Gayromeo was one of the most popular sites for gays for a long time. People met here - first virtually, then in "real". In the course of time, however, the site was revised. The old version was taken offline. With the new version there are... weiterlesen

The most popular gay saunas at a glance

Popular gay saunas in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne - exciting details for sweaty leisure fun 11 April 2020 17:32 No question: taking a sauna is healthy! All the better that there are now many providers who make it easier for gays not only to sweat, but also to meet like-minded people and start a conversation. come. But what is actually the... weiterlesen

Gay Cruising the special adventure

Gay cruising

Gay Cruising Areas - the best conditions for special adventures 10 April 2020 18:12 If you think of a gay cruise when you hear the term "gay cruising", a little research will tell you otherwise. Gay cruising is a very special opportunity to meet like-minded people. The goal: the search for a new sex partner.... weiterlesen

Curfew? Here you'll find online variety!

Gay dating app in times of the Corona crisis What Tinder is to straight people, the Gay Scene The gay dating app Planet Randy has become a clear favourite. Here, even during the current Corona crisis, gay men have the opportunity to find like-minded people in search of love or a quick adventure. Until... weiterlesen

Will Christopher Street Day still take place in 2020?

CSD 2020 in danger due to Corona? When thinking about the upcoming Christopher Street Day, some gays are currently looking at the calendar with slight worry lines. After numerous major events have already been cancelled, the question naturally arises: will the CSD events in Germany take place at all in 2020? After all, the CSD Potsdam has been scheduled for 09 May 2020.... weiterlesen