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Gay dating app in times of Corona crisis

What Tinder is for straight people, the Gay Scene meanwhile quite clearly the Gay dating app Planet Randy. Here, even during the current Corona crisis, gay men have the opportunity to find like-minded people looking for love or a quick adventure. To date (as of March 2020), more than 100,000 users have registered here.

They all share a love of the Passion and to the Sex and the fact that they are looking for Gay contacts and Real Treffs are located.

One thing is certain: even if finding gay singles on Tinder is usually not a problem, is definitely the more relevant platform.

In the app, you don't have to filter for the same sex first. Because: here, users have the possibility to meet gays from their region right from the start.

More than just dating: Planet-Randy in detail

Even if the offer around the app Planet-Randy mainly revolves around exchanges, real meetings and the like, users can expect a veritable potpourri of erotic surprises here. Among other things, the app offers a modern Online video store with more than 10,000 gay videos.

Since mid-March 2020, it has also been possible to access a Cam portal with hot gays can be resorted to. At a time when social distancing is (unfortunately) still the order of the day, this is a great way to pass the time in an erotic way until the next date or the next date. One Night Stand to drive out.

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Because of the wide range, you won't get bored quickly here. There should be something for every taste here.

Dating and sex meetings during the Corona crisis?

Admittedly, the conditions for finding love or a quick flirt via a flirt app have been better. After all, the ban on contact - imposed by the federal government - still applies. Or, to put it another way: during a pandemic, it would of course not be very beneficial to continue to live out your passion for one-night stands.

To make sure it doesn't get boring, Planet-Randy offers not only the above-mentioned "supporting programme" in the form of Cam SexThe site also offers the opportunity to chat with other gay men to your heart's content and thus increase your anticipation of a real date after the contact ban.

Is the gay dating app Planet-Randy serious?

Since Planet-Randy is still a comparatively new app, many gays certainly ask themselves how serious the site's offer ultimately is.

The good news is. The app not only attaches great importance to an impressive variety of functions, but of course also handles the data of its users responsibly.

With one look at Trustpilot, the Gay chat rated as "Good" with 4.8 stars out of 5. Planet-Randy's rating is significantly better than some other dubious offers.

By the way, many functions of the gay dating app can be used completely free of charge. Get your first overview of how diverse the gay scene in your own city can be. In short, real gay men are waiting for you on Planet-Randy. The focus here is on fun sex and love.

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Newcomers to the scene of course also have the opportunity to comprehensively inform themselves about basic hot spots in their city, the scene in general and other details with the help of the app.

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This is how time passes during the Corona curfew 5. April 2020 um 12:05

[...] Question: Gay chats are of course especially fun with a suitable webcam. So that one [...]


harrald 12. April 2020 um 19:32

Great gay chat community 5 stars from me


Klaus-nrw 20. April 2020 um 19:46

Great gay chat, no ads, no annoying spammers. Not the cheapest but anonymous. Horny boys are there a lot


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