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Gayro has become a popular place to go for the scene

Do you enjoy uncomplicated sex meetings and don't want to get tied down? In this case, it's worth taking a look at gayro. This is a platform that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of a relaxed, erotic basic atmosphere. How convenient that you can meet so many different types that there is something for everyone!

But who actually uses gayro? And what are the reasons for simply taking a look around here? One thing is certain: The app is aimed at everyone who enjoys sex - no matter whether they are gay, bi- or transsexual. And that is exactly what makes it so appealing. The platform has been on the market for a number of years and has developed within the Scene has already provided many highlights.


To use gayro free of charge

At gayro you have the option of taking a trial course free of charge. This is practical for all those who want to put out feelers without getting tied down. However, you should bear in mind that some gayro functions are not available to you in the free version. For example, you cannot send as many messages as you want within a 24-hour period.

But don't worry: the (yet?) Restricted access is of course great for having fun. Especially if you take a relaxed approach and let yourself be spoilt by the impressions that - sometimes very freely - pounce on you.

Most men who are on this platform have no problem expressing their permissiveness on profile pictures and the like.

Conchita Wurst covers together with Ricky Merino

Who uses gayro?

Due to the fact alone that there are so many men on gayro, it is difficult to define a typical target group. But don't worry! Nevertheless, there is a clue that applies at least in most cases! Most of the men who are on the platform are looking for:

  • innocuous sex
  • exciting Gay Cruising Locations
  • Cam Sex
  • new acquaintances, gladly also from abroad
  • casual contacts
  • the one or other Gang Bang adventure.

Can you identify with one or more of the above points? Then it might be worth at least trying out the free version of gayro.

And don't worry: even if you are actually looking for your true love, this does not mean that you will necessarily be unhappy on the platform. No, this is not a typical singles' platform. But of course it's also possible that you'll find the "Man for life" meet. The probability of a horny One Night Stand is to be hit, is bigger, but... Who knows?

What advantages does gayro offer you?

Strictly speaking, gayro offers you a colourful mix of different benefits. Among other things, you enjoy..:

  • a large number of types with the most diverse preferences
  • a wide-ranging "supporting programme" with lots of scene news
  • Cam Sex options
  • the opportunity to meet men from home and abroad.

Attractive price models that optimally fit your project (and your budget).
Convinced? Then it's time to take a look at the different types of membership. These offer you exactly the flexibility you need for the planning (or spontaneity?) of your sex meetings.

Düsseldorf's memorial for persecuted gays, lesbians and transgenders

What does gayro cost?

How much you pay per month for using gayro depends mainly on how long you sign up for your membership. The cheapest monthly price awaits you if you opt for the annual version. Here you pay just under 60 euros for 12 months. A whole year is too long for you and you want more flexibility? No problem! At gayro, you can also opt for the one (8,99 Euro) or the three-month option (20,97 Euro) decide.

Please note, however, that the conditions of the provider may have changed in the meantime. Therefore, take a look at the respective final amount before concluding your membership.

After that, it's time to fill out your profile. After all, you really want to make the most of your chances for uncomplicated sex meetings, don't you? In addition to your picture, you should also pay attention to your personal description. The more precisely you write what you expect from a guy you meet here, the higher the probability that you won't have to search too long until you find your "Partner in Crime"you will find.


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