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UK: Blood donations from gay men to be facilitated

Britain makes it easier for gay and bisexual men to donate blood

Joyful news from the island: in Great Britain bi- and homosexual men are finally allowed to donate blood - just like any other person.

Until now, a donation was only possible under certain conditions. Exactly that is now to change! With the new regulation, the British Be a pioneer for other countries.

Because a completely new concept now applies here, which does not focus on people's gender or sexual orientation.

What is behind the new blood regulations?

Until the latest decision, homosexual and bisexual men were only able to donate blood if they had been married within the past no sex for three months with another man.

This rule is now to change drastically. While no more attention will be paid to whether the donor was celibate, the focus will be on basic sexual behaviour.

Or in other words: it is to be checked how the donor has behaved sexually in the last three months. The focus is on whether the person has had one or more sexual partners during this time.

Drone-based orgies (so-called "Chemsex") and other risky sex practices are to be given more priority in the selection of donors in the future. The criteria on the basis of which the decision on blood donation is to be made thus include above all Drug use, Haft- and Stays abroad and Drug consumption.

The new regulation is then to come into force from summer 2021. The sexual discrimination of gay and lesbian bisexual Men could thus - at least in Great Britain and in this respect - belong to the past.

Britain makes it easier for gay and bisexual men to donate blood

What is the situation in Germany?

Although the German government been discussing this issue for a long time, the decision on this issue continues to be postponed. In Germany, certain requirements still have to be met for a homosexual or bisexual man to be allowed to donate blood.

Blood donation ban for gay and bisexual men

Interestingly, said requirements are even tougher than the old regulations in Great Britain. To be in Germany to be allowed to donate blood as a homosexual man, the donor concerned may no sex for a whole year have had. And: women can also be barred from donating blood. For a corresponding ban, it is sufficient to have had sex with a bisexual man.

This requirement is not only met by the German Aids Federation strongly criticised. The regulations are considered to be discriminatory vis-à-vis men with "other"sexual orientation and have an effect, especially at a time when there is always talk of a lack of Blood donor readiness in society is more than questionable.

Above all, the stated abstinence range of one year is judged by many with a shake of the head.

After all, the man has to decide here whether he wants to donate blood or have sexual intercourse. active wants to be.

Donating blood in other countries

For example in Poland, Portugal and Latvia men, regardless of their sexual orientation, can donate blood without meeting certain requirements.

In 18 other European countries blood donation by bi- and homosexual men is still strictly prohibited. Many countries act here like Germanyby demanding abstinence for months.

Although it is now proven that communicable diseases do not exclusively originate from homosexual men, gays and bisexuals are still discriminated against with regard to blood donation. As Europe will continue to deal with this issue is questionable. It can only be hoped that such news as has come out these days from Great Britain will soon become more frequent.

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