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Active, the Sexual Part of Dominant Men

activeA partner who takes the active part in sex is called "active". But what does that actually mean in everyday sex? Basically, "active" can be interpreted in two ways.

For example, the person who controls the event, takes the initiative on their own, etc. is more dominant than the person who allows themselves to be seduced. However, especially in the context of gay sex, the person who takes the Penis than active.

Of course, the active role within a partnership can also be relinquished and accepted again. Here, the personal taste, mood and character of those involved often decide.

However, it is also a fallacy to always assume that the obviously more extroverted person "wears the trousers" here and is accordingly always in control. The roles in the bedroom can also be reversed. People who are often perceived as somewhat shy in everyday life often have no problem showing their abilities in bed.

In relation to the respective sexual practices, sometimes gay men with large penises have a hard time taking the active role. Here, too, it is essential to pay attention to and react to the wishes and reactions of your partner.

It is also particularly interesting that a man who has always been the active part during a long-term relationship does not necessarily have to be so in the next relationship. On the contrary! A new partner can also definitely influence one's own character traits here. Of course, changes are also possible - both in sex and in the general relationship with each other. Among other things, this can ensure that things don't get boring even after many years together.