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The penis is the sexual organ of the male. Among other things, it is also colloquially referred to as a "cock".

The penis is the sexual organ of the man and stands for a mix of eroticism and passion. Many people today still think that a large penis stands for passion and long sex adventures at the same time. However, this is a classic fallacy. Because: of course, sex with a man with a medium-sized penis can also be breathtaking.

Or in other words: a big penis is no guarantee for unforgettable sex experiences. Many gays, however, undoubtedly love to have a large Tail to feel. The preferences that show themselves in this area are extremely individual.

Nevertheless, even an XXL penis is no excuse for not using condoms. In the meantime, rubbers are offered in many different variations and sizes. Accordingly, there should be something for everyone.

However, as diverse as the condom selection is, the possibilities for spoiling your partner's cock are just as versatile at the same time. No matter whether in connection with classic sex or with the Blowjob: the variations that are offered here - among other things, of course, with the help of sex toys - are extremely versatile and invite you to get creative.

Of course, if you want, you can also skilfully show off your penis with appropriate clothing. Scene set. Among other things, sex shops offer trousers that do without fabric in the area of the cock. All "important areas" are thus freely accessible and can be explored even more easily - for example when cruising.