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Cock" is a colloquial word for penis. Many men associate a big cock with sexual performance

With tail is the Penis of the man is meant. This is a colloquial expression that no longer really shocks anyone. No matter whether in small talk, at Dirty Talk or in chat: anyone who wants to talk about the male genitalia often says "cock".

Tails come in many sizes. From XS to XXL (and bigger). However, it would be a mistake to go exclusively with a big cock. Top-performance in bed. Rather, it is of course also possible to satisfy the other person with a small penis.

And yet: a big cock can - especially on dick pics and when chatting - make you curious for more. Many men are well aware of their "special advantages" and have no problem showing off their "best piece". Scene to set.

For example, if you are the proud owner of the XXL variant, you can also optimally emphasise your cock with the right clothing. Especially in connection with sex parties, the interest is then often great.

However, depending on personal preference, a big cock can be a disadvantage in some ways. Especially during anal sex, lubricant is often needed to ensure an even hornier feeling. But: the excuse "Unfortunately, I can't have a Condom because my penis is too big!" no longer counts. Many condom manufacturers have expanded their range over the years and now also offer XXL rubbers. Depending on the brand, these are of course just as sensitive as the normal version.