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The condom is one of the best-known contraceptives. It can be used to reduce the risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases.

The condom - in parallel to the pill and used correctly - is considered the safest contraceptive method of all. This is a "Overcoat" from Latexwhich is placed over the erect man before sex. Penis is turned upside down.

The semen does not end up in the ass or vagina and infections (and pregnancies) can be prevented. However, it should be noted that NO contraceptive can guarantee 100% safety. However, most accidents that happen in connection with condoms result from application errors.

The choice of condoms has changed a lot over the years. Today, condoms, which are also often referred to as "rubbers", are available in a variety of sizes, designs and flavours. Those who want a very special kick can also opt for a condom with nubs, for example. In addition, particularly tear-resistant versions are now available for anal sex.

Especially when frequent changes of partners, such as cruising, are the order of the day, it is important not to do without this special protection. With its help, not only can the risk of HIV infection be reduced, but also the risk in connection with other infections. STDs can be lowered. But even in a committed relationship, it is always the safer option to rely on the advantages of rubbers.

If you like, you can of course integrate the rubbers into lovemaking with a little fantasy, for example by running your mouth over the erect Tail be drawn. But be careful! Small damages can cause the condom to tear!