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Monatsarchiv: June 2020

The Simpsons: new episodes in the starting blocks

The Simpsons: new episodes in the starting blocks Fans of the "yellow family" should be happy. ProSieben has once again launched the popular "Mad Yellow Monday". From 8 June 2020, this will ensure that new episodes of the 30th season can flicker across German screens. It will start at 8:15 pm each night. Who... weiterlesen

Costa Rica becomes 29th country to introduce marriage for all

Rainbow family

29th country introduces marriage for all From now on, it is possible for gays in Costa Rica to marry in Costa Rica. Thus, the country joins the list of others and takes 29th place here. According to media reports, the new opportunity was taken up by a lesbian couple immediately after the decision. Due to... weiterlesen

Better chances of flirting with a four-legged friend?

Better chances of flirting thanks to a dog?

Better chances of flirting thanks to a dog? Especially during the Corona period, many singles find it difficult to find new people - maybe even the man for life. One possible solution? A topic of conversation that is not only incredibly cute, but also extremely likeable! Yes, it is comparatively easy to start a conversation about dogs. come.... weiterlesen

Rafi Rachek brutally beaten up

Rafi Rachek

Homophobia: Rafi Rachek brutally beaten up Even today, in 2020, homophobia is still part of many people's everyday lives. A few days ago, Rafi Rachek was brutally beaten up in Cologne. The former "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant was remembered by many TV viewers mainly because it was live on TV as gay outed. Today lives... weiterlesen

Lili Paul Roncalli danct as winner from the floor

Lili Paul Roncalli

Lili Paul Roncalli is Dancing Star 2020 Since last Friday it is certain: Circus starlet Lili Paul Roncalli has managed to take home the trophy at Let's Dance. Together with her dance partner Massimo Sinato, she won the coveted trophy. What sounds "so easy" now, however, was a long way. Already... weiterlesen

Involuntary outing: "I was shocked!"


"I'm going to be a YouTuber!" - This is how the platform can help with Outing help While YouTubers were sometimes tiredly laughed at just a few years ago, the image of this professional group has changed a lot over time. More and more people have realised that this is indeed a serious profession with - sometimes particularly impressive - future prospects.... weiterlesen

Homophobia - Attacks in Berlin - how safe are homosexuals?


Attacks in Berlin - how safe are homosexuals from hate? The current media reports are shocking: time and again, Germany's capital in particular becomes the scene of attacks on homosexuals. But it is not only here that some people seem to have a problem accepting people with an inclination towards their own sex. In many other places, too,... weiterlesen

"God's Own Country" only in the censored version on Amazon Prime?

God's Own Country

"God's Own Country" only in the censored version on Amazon Prime? The number of films and series in which homosexuality is portrayed in all its facets is growing. Currently, however, a very special news about the drama "God's Own Country" is causing a stir. Because: Francis Lee, the director of the film, is currently having... weiterlesen

ProSieben shows "Love, Simon" on FreeTV

"Love, Simon"

ProSieben shows "Love, Simon" on FreeTV On Saturday, 30.05.2020, ProSieben will show the drama comedy "Love, Simon" on FreeTV. Those who are in the mood for laughter, reflection and very emotional moments should get their money's worth here. come. Fans of the genre have long taken the film to their hearts. The work of director Greg Berlanti is aimed at... weiterlesen