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"I'm going to be a YouTuber!" - This is how the platform can help with coming out


While YouTubers were sometimes tiredly laughed at just a few years ago, the image of this professional group has changed a lot over time. More and more people have realised that this is indeed a serious profession with - sometimes particularly impressive - future prospects.

Even though making money should certainly not play the most important role here, many Youtubers now actually manage to make a living from their passion.

But the video platform can do even more! Because: especially in difficult times, YouTube is often used to provide comfort in many ways.

Especially for the LGBTQ community, making videos often plays an important role when it comes to getting one's own personality out there. The whole thing even goes so far that it's quite possible to use the respective content to show off the Coming Out to facilitate!

In the following, we will look at the extent to which YouTube can actually help to let oneself (and one's environment) shine in a different light.

Fact: Positive comments can give courage

Many Youtubers love to interact with their followers on a regular basis. Whether the number of thumbs up increases or fans write lovely comments: all these "little things" can ensure that a person is supported in their journey.

In some cases, the YouTuber's show of trust in his community even goes so far as to allow a glimpse into his emotional world and come out publicly. Depending on the community and the relationship that the channel creator otherwise maintains with his fans, the experience is often positive. Especially when people have struggled with themselves for a long time before coming out, this can be an incomparable relief.

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However, as positive as the comments on coming out via YouTube may be, the first few minutes after publishing such a personal video are usually nerve-wracking. Of course, every gay channel operator should also be aware of this.

Beware of bullies

However, it would certainly be naïve - despite many positive experiences - to expect only positive comments about one's own coming out. On YouTube, too, bullying is (unfortunately) standard for many users.

The comments and emails in question should always be reported. This can not only help you deal with the situation better, but also protect others from hatred on the internet. Most bullies - especially on the internet - do not focus on one victim, but spread their negativity over a wide area.

Those who are affected by this and take action against it benefit from the good feeling of having fought back and not having left themselves defenceless.

More self-confidence through exciting content

YouTube offers creative people a wonderful platform to realise themselves. Many channel operators develop over time (no matter whether gay or not) a greater self-confidence. They realise that they have created something that inspires not only them but others at the same time.

And it is precisely this self-confidence that can help them to cope with other situations, such as coming out or an upcoming exam.

Especially when dealing with personal challenges, YouTube is a form of entertainment that should not be underestimated. Those who use their channel for this purpose:

  • to get in touch with many dear people
  • Putting bullies in their place
  • Upload high quality content
  • through smaller "setbacks", such as a declining number of subscribers only
  • to spur on and not to be depressed
  • to realise themselves and have fun in the process,
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can often cope better with many of life's challenges. So it's high time to use the platform even better to our own advantage!

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