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In general terms, LGBTQ refers to the queer scene. The LGBTQ movement fights for the rights of people who feel they belong to it.

The abbreviation LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Tranny and queer. The abbreviation is accordingly composed of the first letters of the preferences in question (for the same sex, for example). The main identifying feature of the LGBTQ community is the rainbow flag, which has become a worldwide symbol of diversity.

The group's goals range from acceptance within society to demanding complete equality with heterosexuals.

Over time, the LGBTQ movement grew and attracted more and more attention - also in the media. There are, for example, many brands that have the above-mentioned Rainbow flag for promotional purposes and thus want to show that they share the same goals as the LGBT Track community.

Over the years, however, there has also been criticism of the movement. Among other things, a dispute arose about how the fact that so many different people come together here could be optimally represented in the name. Especially the topic of "transgender" and the versatility associated with this term was a constant source of discussion. For example, many transsexual people feared that outsiders would call "transgender" and "gay" or "transgender" and "lesbian" would automatically be linked if it were not also pointed out here that transsexual people can of course also be heterosexual.

At a time when, among other things, the Intersexuality plays an increasingly important role, it can be assumed that the abbreviation LGBTQ will expand even more clearly in the future to include other letters. Already now, for example, many people no longer speak "only" of the LGBTQ, but of the LGBTTIQ or other scenes. In the first step, however, all abbreviations mean the same thing: Diversity and the freedom to be oneself.