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A lesbian is a woman who loves women.

A lesbian is a woman who likes women. Accordingly, the lesbian is colloquially referred to by many as the "opposite" of the gay man.

Like many male gays, lesbians have had to (and still have to) defend themselves against many prejudices. Unfortunately, many people still think that in lesbian relationships, for example, there always has to be a partner who "replaces" the male partner. In this context, there is often talk of the "battle dyke".

The fact is that lesbian love can be just as intense and honest as its heterosexual counterpart. Some homophobic people come However, interestingly enough, they get along better with women kissing than with men kissing.

Lesbians have always been an important part of the LGBTQ Scene represent. They often organise themselves within the framework of the various Pride movements and thus help to draw society's attention to an important issue. Over time, more and more prominent women have come out as lesbians and thus made a special statement.

The market for sex toys explicitly aimed at lesbians has also changed more and more over time. Among other things, there are double dildos with the help of which both women can satisfy themselves at the same time. Many lesbians also describe sex between women as far more intense and tender than with men. However, if you like both men AND women, you are no longer a lesbian, but a lesbian. Bisexual.

Incidentally, the term "lesbian" comes from the Greek History. The poet Sappho is said to have lived on the island of Lesbos.