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The word Pride is often used in the context of the gay scene as a term for togetherness and a description for the CSD events.

Who within the Gay Scene When people talk about Pride or Gay Pride, they are referring to a very special attitude to life. Whereas a few decades ago, many gays were still Coming Out and the possible consequences, it seems much easier today to be proud of oneself and one's preferences.

Unfortunately, however, there are still many prejudices associated with the Pride movement and its protagonists. Nevertheless, times have changed.

In order to better communicate the special attitude to life around Pride and Co. and to protest for their own rights, the scene organises CSDs in numerous cities. Here, too, the term "Pride" is omnipresent.

The symbol of the various Pride parades is the well-known rainbow or rainbow flag.

However, there is more behind the term than just a trend! The very fact that the English Pride - as already mentioned above - can be translated with the German word "Stolz" (pride) shows how the self-image of the LGBTQ community has changed.

Nowadays, more people than ever are proud to belong to this colourful and important community. They appear self-confidently at events such as CSD and the like and thus manage to stand up for their rights in a particularly creative way.

Anyone who wants to support the Pride movement does not, of course, necessarily have to gay, lesbian, queer, transsexual or be bi! Many straight people are also campaigning for the rights of the respective groups of people to be recognised even more strongly.