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Coming out is about about the decision to stand by one's homosexuality.


Coming out is certainly one of the most significant terms of the Scene. Coming out means admitting your inclination for the same sex. Many gays are afraid of this important step. After all, it is not always clear how the environment will react.

Therefore, many gay people (and of course many lesbians) plan their coming out over a long period of time. Parents, siblings and best friends are often the first to be told.

Strictly speaking, however, a distinction is made between two different types of coming out. The first variant is the inner coming out. This is an important step because the person concerned first admits to him/herself that he/she is enthusiastic about the same sex.

After this realisation, it sometimes takes several years before the external Outing follows. Sure! After all, it is especially important at this time to find oneself and to consider what effects the coming decisions will have on one's own life.

Anyone who realises that they would like to come out, but do not know how best to proceed, can of course get help from many places. The good news is that many families and friends react positively to coming out - often contrary to initial expectations. After all, they know that this does not change their character, but that a dear person has simply decided to be themselves.

It often becomes apparent that coming out is a great burden that falls from the shoulders of those affected. Those who remain silent for too long sometimes even risk psychological damage, even depression.