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Postponed but not cancelled EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf

EuroGames 2020

The EuroGames 2020 in Düsseldorf - not currently cancelled, but postponed The EuroGames were launched in 1992 and since then have stood for a special opportunity for many people to stand up for more equality. This year, however, the event - like many other events - is falling victim to the Corona crisis. At least in part.... weiterlesen

Parliament massively restricts transgender rights

Photo: Zoltan Mathe / dpa

Hungarian parliament restricts transgender rights The news hit like a bombshell: the Hungarian parliament has extremely restricted transgender rights. As of now, they no longer have the possibility to change the gender that was registered after birth. An enormous step backwards! After all, this means that they no longer have the chance to change their... weiterlesen

Mouthguards can also be sexy

Stylish mouthguard ideas for Corona time - safety can also be sexy Even though there is still (?) no obligation to wear a mouthguard in this country (as of 22.04.2020), more and more homosexual men are becoming interested in these special "accessories". After all, the federal government has repeatedly emphasised their usefulness in the past. But must a... weiterlesen

Will blood donations remain forbidden for homosexuals?

Pressure on Federal Government Grows - Allow Blood Donations for Homosexuals? For several weeks now, the pressure on the federal government has been increasing. More and more people are apparently of the opinion that the ban on blood donations for gay men is no longer in keeping with the times. Now the discussion has reached a new level. Among others, Microsoft and IKEA have also got involved. They... weiterlesen