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How can you add pizzazz to the Corona hairstyle?

How to add pizzazz to the Corona hairstyle

DIY men's hairstyles during the Corona crisis - these tips can save stylings The current lockdown has been extended. And now, at the latest, it's clear that the next visit to the hairdresser is still "a long way off". Therefore, it's time for a beautiful Corona hairstyle! Even if many hairdressers will surely clasp their hands over their heads when reading the following... weiterlesen

Shave properly: With these tips it's smooth sailing

Shave properly With these tips it's smooth sailing

Smooth is sexy - hair removal for high demands Even in 2020, smooth skin is more fashionable than ever. For many gay men, smooth legs and a shaved intimate area are simply part of looking well-groomed. But regardless of the respective body part, if you want beautiful, hairless and smooth skin, there are a few things you should... weiterlesen