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celebs under palm trees

"Celebrities under palm trees" - These stars will be there in 2021!

Celebrities under palm trees - These stars will be there in 2021!

Katy Bähm is on "Promis unter Palmen" Fans of the usual trash TV formats can breathe a little easier. Because: even in summer (or autumn?) 2021 they probably won't have to do without a healthy dose of catfighting. "Promis unter Palmen" is going into the second round on Sat.1. According to official information, filming in Thailand is now... weiterlesen

The "Celebs Under Palms" Reunion Ends in Strife

celebs under palm trees

The "Celebs under Palms" reunion ends in a fight What would a trash TV season be without a reunion? Without a programme in which all the squabblers would once again have the opportunity to go at each other's throats? Anyone who has been following "Celebrities under Palms" in the last few weeks certainly did not expect a happy... weiterlesen

Désirée Nick talks about bullying among celebrities under palm trees

celebs under palm trees

Desirée Nick speaks out against bullying The "nation's sharpest tongue" Desirée Nick has spoken out against bullying in her Facebook chronicle. The reason: the developments on "Celebrities under Palms", the clique formation against Claudia Obert and the fact that the whole of Germany could watch how a group turned against an individual. A few more days... weiterlesen