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News about sexuality

Homophobia in everyday life

Homophobia and homophobia has many facets

Homophobia and homophobia have many facets Homophobia in everyday life is more current than ever, also in Germany. Many queers encounter homophobic people - maybe not every day, but still regularly. The unpleasant experiences are often obvious. But indirect homophobia is also widespread. This often involves certain acts and statements that discredit homosexuals and show... weiterlesen

Disney+ presents - Love, Victor via Star

Disney+ presents via Star - Love, Victor

Series "Love, Victor" finally available on German streaming service The LGBTQ Series hit "Love. Simon" from the USA finally makes it to a German streaming service. Fans had to wait a long time for this day. In the meantime, the series is running on "Disney+" - more precisely: in the newly introduced category "Disney+ STAR". However, "Love, Victor" is not the... weiterlesen

Kiss properly: We show you with 5 tips how to do it right!

The right way to kiss We show you 5 tips on how to do it right!

5 kissing tips for couples in love - how to keep the relationship going Kissing makes you happy, relaxes you and reminds you why you fell in love with him "back then". Even if it may sound a little unromantic: proper kissing is not witchcraft and can be learned. Don't worry! Of course, the individual tongue technique remains... weiterlesen

Jendrik Sigwart is Germany's ESC candidate for 2021

Jendrik Sigwart is Germany's ESC candidate for 2021

Our song for Rotterdam: Jendrik Sigwart competes with "I Don't Feel Hate" at the ESC 2021 This year, the "Eurovision Song Contest" will also take place. It is a tradition that the event is held in the capital of the previous winner. Since no new winner could be determined last year due to the pandemic situation, the song contest will... weiterlesen

The successful DJ Felix Jaehn has a new boyfriend

The successful DJ Felix Jaehn has a new boyfriend

Felix Jaehn confirms: Finally happily engaged! After long speculations in the rumour mill, fans and media now have the certainty: Felix Jaehn, German DJ and music producer, is happily engaged. In an interview with the radio station "Energy", he spoke about his boyfriend, whom he met via a dating app. That's how it can work - dating became... weiterlesen

"I can smell you well!", ... But why actually?

"I can smell you well!", ... But why actually

How important is it to smell right when choosing a partner? The smell and smelling of a person is sometimes perceived more, sometimes less consciously, but can ensure that we find him attractive or not. The good news: it is definitely possible to optimise one's own olfactory impressions. Or in other words: those who don't - such as... weiterlesen

What to do about bad breath or bad breath?

What to do about bad breath or halitosis

Love killer bad breath - tips against bad breath The first date is coming up and the excitement is rising. Nothing should go wrong on this first evening or be left to chance, because often the first impression decides on possible further meetings. In this context, bad breath is not only considered unattractive, but also particularly "insidious". Because: the... weiterlesen

Confessing an infidelity? Does it make sense or not?

Confessing an infidelity Useful or not

How sensible is it to confess an infidelity? Entering into a monogamous relationship is no problem for many people - at least in the beginning. The butterflies in the stomach are omnipresent. Nothing seems to dampen the newfound happiness - until everyday life sets in. After a few arguments, some couples often only see the things that... weiterlesen