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There are also queer characters in video games

There are also queer characters in videogames

Rare, but expressive: Queer content in computer games Children of the 80s and 90s grew up with the first video games. Here they had to fight enemies or find a princess (of course in the pink dress!) can be saved. Over time, the video game industry has adapted to society. For a long time now, the boundaries between "male" and "female", just... weiterlesen

5 tips against queer problems at school

5 tips against queer problems at school

Queer at school - These 5 tips against bullying can help Not only during puberty, but also for a few years afterwards, many teenagers or young adults feel queer left alone. The feelings go crazy and the body also changes. Actually, in many cases this mix makes for a... weiterlesen

Frankfurt +++ The Rainbow Run 2020 +++

Rainbow Run 2020

The Rainbow Run 2020 in Frankfurt The famous Rainbow Run will enter its fifth run on 05 December 2020 (just in time for St. Nicholas and hopefully with the best weather). Participants will have the opportunity to prove their skills and physical fitness over either five or ten kilometres. The Rainbow Run is a... weiterlesen

Protection of sexual self-determination

Ban on conversion therapies for minors adopted

Ban on conversion therapies for minors decided It sounds like the Middle Ages, but: some people actually still classify homosexuality in the category of "disease". In this context, there has been repeated talk of so-called conversion therapies. With the help of these practices, homosexuals were supposed to be turned around. Now an important decision has been made by the Bundestag: This kind of therapy is to be... weiterlesen

"Amen differently" - how do queer and church fit together?

"Different Amen" - how do gay and church fit together? If you think of a tolerant, open-minded and gay-friendly society, you certainly don't necessarily think of the church at first. That the LGBTQ Scene However, the YouTube channel "Anders Amen" proves that everything is playing an increasingly important role here. Here, everything really does seem to be a little different.... weiterlesen

Mouthguards can also be sexy

Stylish mouthguard ideas for Corona time - safety can also be sexy Even though there is still (?) no obligation to wear a mouthguard in this country (as of 22.04.2020), more and more homosexual men are becoming interested in these special "accessories". After all, the federal government has repeatedly emphasised their usefulness in the past. But must a... weiterlesen

Will blood donations remain forbidden for homosexuals?

Pressure on Federal Government Grows - Allow Blood Donations for Homosexuals? For several weeks now, the pressure on the federal government has been increasing. More and more people are apparently of the opinion that the ban on blood donations for gay men is no longer in keeping with the times. Now the discussion has reached a new level. Among others, Microsoft and IKEA have also got involved. They... weiterlesen

How does it actually work to be gay in Germany?

How gay-friendly is Germany, actually? 15 April 2020 10:04 Over a comparatively long period of time, it has been difficult to quantify the number of people who are gay-friendly. LGBTQ community known in Germany. There was a lack of representative studies and surveys. Reliable values were determined in 2016. Here, approximately 7.5 per cent of Germans stated that they were either lesbian,... weiterlesen