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Gay contacts in Cologne: You can meet gays at these top addresses on the Rhine

The city of Cologne, which is over 2,000 years old, has just under one million inhabitants and is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, in the west of Germany. The wonderful Rhine shapes the cityscape of Germany's fourth-largest city and is popular with Cologne residents and tourists alike. The city's landmark is the Cologne Dom. It is one of the most popular sights in Germany. Besides the great view over the Rhine - which couples love to enjoy on a date - it offers the sight of precious treasures, vestments and works of art. A visit to the Museum Ludwig is also very worthwhile. Among other things, you can marvel at the third largest Picasso collection in the world.

He's looking for him in Cologne - that's why Cologne is so exciting for gays!

Cologne is a cosmopolitan metropolis and has developed over time into a stronghold for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people. The LGBT movement (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) is present in all areas of society here. For this reason, you will find a great variety of activities and gay clubs in Cologne. On the weekends and at the big events, tens of thousands of gays and lesbians from the surrounding area regularly flock in to celebrate extensively.

But what is so special about Cologne? The credo of the tolerant population has always been: "Leeve un leeve losse" which translated means: "Live and let live".

Rudolfplatz and the Old Town are central meeting places for gays in Cologne. From there, you can find a variety of gay bars in Cologne. You also have the opportunity to take part in fantastic events, such as the CSD Cologne within the framework of the Gay Pride participate. Carnival time also offers celebration potential for gays in Cologne. The gay saunas are another highlight.

Since it is difficult to make a decision with the huge selection of gay events and locations in Cologne, we present the most outstanding ones here. Let yourself be inspired. Which location suits you best?

The Bermuda Triangle - the centre of gay and lesbian pubs in Cologne

The gay-You can find the lesbian "Bermuda Triangle" around Schaafenstraße in Cologne's Altstadt-Süd district. Here you can enjoy street festivals like Cologne Pride and the nightlife to the fullest. There is hardly a place with a higher density of gay bars than here. We recommend:

The wacky charming bar "Mumu

Here at "Mumu" in Schaafenstraße, the name says it all. The décor of plush animals, cowhide chairs and Walt Disney posters against the pink walls is more reminiscent of a teenager's room than a bar. Only the hot Gay Boys bring you back to the here and now.
But if you think that's already wacky, let the toilet convince you otherwise: the urinal as an open woman's mouth with bright red lipstick makes for a whole new experience ...

If you want to enjoy a relaxed Kölsch and make gay contacts, then take advantage of the one-euro offer at "Mumu" from Monday to Friday from 7 - 9 pm.

At the weekend, it's no longer cosy. If you want to party to hits and chartbreakers, this is the place to be. Turn night into day, meet gay boys and sip a little mummy juice. Yes, this is also an absolute highlight for gay men. You should definitely try it!

The ExCorner

As inconspicuous as a grey mouse by day, the ExCorner shines in unique, colourful splendour in the evening and at night. The unusual paraphernalia such as balloons, feather boas and gay flags make the bar in Cologne a real eye-catcher.
Speaking of eye-catchers: The huge windows invite you to "see and be seen". But of course you can also enjoy a little more privacy. The spacious bar offers an excellent opportunity for this.
The operator provides the right ambience with his lighting and music system. The right atmosphere is created by the audience itself. Be there and make unforgettable Gay contacts.

The Iron Cocktail Lounge - another Cologne gay hangout

We stay in Schaafenstraße in Cologne. Here it's quality instead of quantity. The cocktails and long drinks are mixed with premium spirits. That's a difference you can taste. The freshly squeezed citrus juices round off the taste experience.
In addition to cocktails and log drinks, the Iron Cocktail Lounge also offers a wide selection of classic spirits. Choose your favourite drink from whiskey, rum, vodka, champagne, wine, gin or tequila. On Fridays and Saturdays, DJs will keep you dancing and partying until the early hours of the morning.

The Kattwinkel

If you want to have a look around Cologne's Eigelstein district, you should definitely pay a visit to the Kattwinkel. The trendy bar has become a popular meeting place for gay boys and lesbians in recent years. The gay bar has even been awarded the Golden RIK several times.
The GinOThek inside the bar impresses with over 60 different types of gin. But even if your heart beats for the most popular drink in Cologne - Kölsch - you'll get your money's worth here.
The spacious terrace of the Kattwinkel offers you an impressive view of the Eigelsteintorburg. There's always something to see there for everyone: gays, lesbians and straights.

The Ruhrpott - hip Cologne gay hangout

In the "Ruhrpott" you also have the possibility of interesting Gay contacts in Cologne to make friends. Here the motto is: He is looking for him - day and night.
The special thing about the "Ruhrpott" is the culinary offer during the day. In addition to stews, tarte flambée and currywurst, you can also enjoy a delicious piece of cake.
In the evening, the shaker is the order of the day. It is usually operated by the host himself. Torsten Ahmon originally comes from Bochum and has made it his mission to bring a little piece of the Ruhr region to Cologne. And he has managed to do just that. Always by his side - Sister Elke, the "good soul" of the Gay Bar in Cologne.

The Central Cloakroom - a somewhat different gay meeting place

The Zentralgarderobe is not a wacky name for a curious bar. It is literally a cloakroom and responsible for all pubs in Cologne. It provides the solution to what is probably the most pressing problem on any pub crawl. Where are you supposed to safely deposit your bag and jacket? You can easily pick up the utensils you leave there the next morning. The little place is centrally located on Mittelstraße. And would you have thought it? You can even chill out there with a drink and a snack before you move on.

He sucht ihn: Gay Saunas in the Cathedral City

A sauna offers excellent opportunities to make gay contacts in Cologne. So it's no wonder that the city has several steam houses that cater to gay boys. We present some of these saunas in Cologne here:

The Badehaus Babylon - the No. 1 gay sauna in Cologne
The largest Gay sauna in Cologne is the Babylon bathhouse. It is known far beyond the borders of Cologne and not only for gays and lesbians. It is a meeting place for everyone. The absolute highlight is the inner courtyard with spacious outdoor pool. From spring to autumn you can splash and swim here to your heart's content.

The Babylon bathhouse extends over three floors. Each one is very different and lovingly designed. There is guaranteed to be something to suit your taste. The changing supporting programme provides that special something. On Wednesdays, the motto of the changing infusions is: chill out and relax. On Thursday, the admission price is determined by a dice roll - we wish you good luck! Friday is partner day: you can share a ticket with your companion. Sunday come youngsters also get their money's worth at the Badehaus in Cologne.

The Phoenix Sauna

Not as big as the Babylon bathhouse, but still very impressive. The Phoenix Sauna in Cologne extends over two floors. The manageable outdoor area convinces with a large variety of green plants. The audience here is very mixed. From young to old, simply everything is there. At the "Bear Day"Various infusions ensure an incomparable sauna experience. The selection ranges from birch to moor mud to algae mud. Bear Day takes place every second Saturday of the month.

Gay Sauna - The Vulcano

The Vulcano is the oldest gay sauna in Cologne. It is a popular meeting place, especially for older men. White hair and grey temples are more common here. Just like in other Gay saunas no man stays alone for long here either. Between saunas, you can chat at the cosy gay bar and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

He seeks him cruising in Cologne

Those who want to cruise will find numerous places to go in Cologne. One example is the Refrath rest area (A4). There is always something going on here in the evening. No matter what day of the week it is. Interested parties can quickly get up close and personal here. The same applies to the Pulheim motorway car park, on the A57 in both directions. People cruise here around the clock, and there are always interested people.

Also well stocked 24/7: The famous Cruising areawhich runs along the railway tracks in Cologne between Richard-Wagner-Straße and Bachemer Straße.

But you can also cruise in the swimming pool. The location was recently renovated and offers a large sauna area. It gets particularly nice here from late afternoon onwards. You'll quickly find each other there.

Get to know gays and enjoy nature

Probably the most popular Cruising Area is the Aachener Weiher in Cologne. Here you can easily make gay contacts. The predominantly young crowd only hits it after 10pm. Especially on warm summer nights, the pond is a great place to go. Aachen Pond very well attended.

You can also cruise to your heart's content in the Cranachwäldchen. The large area is ideal for a visit 24/7, as there is always something going on here too. Here you can enjoy the forest as well as the NUDIST-cruise along the Rhine.

Gay boys who prefer to splash around outdoors should visit the beautiful large quarry pond in Gremberghoven. Here you will find wonderful bathing bays to the left and right. In these bays, nudism reigns (NUDIST).
If you start in Cologne from Porz, it is best to drive along Rather Straße. From there you can walk to Lake Alberti.

There is also a lot going on in the Agnesviertel. The park is located between the ice stadium and Riehlerstraße. The area is dotted with numerous small paths that have lots of bushes and niches in store for you. However, you should only set up camp here in the evening, as the park is well frequented during the day.

It becomes even clearer on the gay beach in Cologne. This bears the unequivocal and undoubted epithet "cruising area". There are several nudist areas on the Molenkopf and many visitors can also be found in the forest.

When it comes to cruising in Cologne, there's always something going on at the Rheinbraun Wiese. Here you go from the corner of Militärring via Dürener Straße into the forest. The first large meadow is the right place to be. Here there are not only extensive wooded areas, but also nudism in summer. Gay Cruiser are completely undisturbed here. If you haven't found what you're looking for yet, the best place to visit is the Rose Garden opposite the Eifelplatz stop in Cologne.

Fort X and more

Fort X in Cologne also invites you to cruise. Here you turn off Militärringstraße into Robinienweg and then onto Hitzelerstraße. Just turn into the Grüngürtel and you've arrived at your destination. You will find a mixed crowd here. On the Herkulesberg you can relax and look for contacts. Start behind the Mediapark. Continue in the direction of Innere Kanalstraße and directly across the railway to the top of the hill. Here you can cruise in both directions and partly on the meadow.

You can also find what you are looking for in the toilet of the Real market in Rudolf-Diesel-Straße. Although there is no longer a GH (glory hole), there are numerous peepholes with a view of the urinal. A Condom dispenser is also present. In the mornings, older men tend to hang out in the toilet, while in the evenings, it's the younger crowd.

Christopher Street Day in Cologne: making gay contacts over three days

One of the largest and most popular meeting places for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people is the Christopher Street Dayalso called CSD. It is a central event within the framework of the so-called "Cologne Pride". Cologne is the English name for Cologne and Pride means pride. This LGBT event takes place once a year in summer for a fortnight. This colourful event is accompanied by numerous side events that focus on gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual rights. The highlight of the Cologne Pride weeks is the three-day Christopher Street Day.

The street festival always takes place on the first weekend in July and concludes with a demonstration parade through the centre of Cologne. The Kölner Lesben- und Schwulentag e.V. is the organiser. Curious? Then be there!

He's looking for him: This is how Cologne Pride came into being

There are worldwide events called Pride, Stonewall or Christopher Street Day. All of them commemorate the dramatic uprising on Christopher Street on 28 June 1969. At the time, people wanted to draw attention to police arbitrariness against gays and lesbians and put an end to it.

Since the 1980s, the so-called "Gay Freedom Day" has taken place in North Rhine-Westphalia. This is held every year in a different city. The Stonewall riots were commemorated there. In 1991, the cathedral city was again the venue for the GFD.

Every year, the cultural side events of Cologne Pride are placed under a specific motto. Originally, the events were about gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexual people being able to present themselves at the street festival. In the meantime, however, the event is also increasingly used for political demands. Since 1998, the demonstration has been characterised by protection against discrimination and the fight for same-sex marriage.

What can you expect at the CSD?

CSD © Photo: Ufuk Arslan

The CSD parade is the highlight of ColognePride. Around 800,000 spectators are expected every year. Numerous gays, lesbians, Bisexual and transgender people parade through Cologne's city centre in a colourful procession. Fun and hustle and bustle are guaranteed here. It all starts at 12 noon. Be curious about this year's motto and the impressive presentations.

This July, you can once again be amazed and join in the celebrations when thousands of gay boys are on the move in Cologne in the form of foot groups and floats. The parade starts on the Deutzer Brücke. If you don't want to miss anything, you should be on the bridge at noon.

Not camels, but lots and lots of condoms

Just as you know it from the Shrove Monday procession, numerous visitors will line the streets at the CSD in Cologne. Your main task is to cheer on the costumed groups. However, they will not be throwing fireworks from their floats, but information leaflets and condoms.
Everyone is fighting for the same goal, but only one group can win! The most creative group of all will be awarded a prize at the closing rally. A jury on the main stage will determine the winners, who will get to choose their parade ground the following year.

He is looking for him: virtual get-to-know-you in Cologne

Personal meeting places are all well and good but not for everyone the means of choice to make gay contacts in Cologne. If you prefer to search for the right contacts on the internet, it is best to use the popular flirt apps such as Planet-Randy or gaykontake. All apps have numerous members and make the search for gay contacts in Cologne easy and uncomplicated.

The beauty of these apps is that you can set the search radius. Select the city of Cologne and also decide how far the search results can be from your location. We recommend a search radius of 20km. With this, you are definitely on the safe side and will find your suitable gay partner. Boy quickly in your vicinity.

Gay contacts in the Rhine city: other locations you should not miss

The Café Franck

Breakfast, coffee and cake, bar and club - that's Café Franck. You wonder how this combination works? The answer is: everything at its time. You can have breakfast there in the morning, enjoy coffee and cake in the afternoon and enjoy cocktails and really party in the evening. The second and fourth Friday of the month are special highlights. You can enjoy music by popular DJs and party hard.

The Altstadt Pub in Cologne

Young men from Eastern Europe like to hang out in this popular pub in the heart of the old town. They quickly make contacts in search of solvent men. The ambience is trashy and convinces with friendly and attentive staff. A special atmosphere is created in Cologne's Altstadt Pub on CSD weekends and at carnival time.

The Backstage Diaries

The parties for gays in Cologne leave nothing to be desired. The "Backstage Diaries" take place once a month in the Ehrenfeld district. Away from the actual gay scene, the alternative "indie rock party" does away with gay clichés like glamour and glitter and gay shish-kebab. Instead, you are presented with a wacky location with a mostly young audience and a very unique style of dress.

Gay get to know in Cologne - the Barcelon Colonia

A particularly chic ambience awaits you at the Barcelon Colonia. The clientele is made up of men over 30, and it's all right to get a little boisterous over a Kölsch or a tasty cocktail. In summer, the spacious terrace invites you to have a chat in the open air. Of course, you can also just enjoy the atmosphere.

The 4U construction site - for tough guys

At Baustelle 4U, all the real guys in Cologne are shown where the hammer hangs. The bar lives up to its name, as it has been designed like a construction site down to the smallest detail. The orange chairs are a real eye-catcher and invite you to linger.

The White Distillery

Here, too, you can easily get to know gay people. Things get especially crazy during the carnival season. If you still know where up and down is, you can consider yourself lucky. Arriving early is essential if you don't want to party outside. You also need to be in a good mood and have a good thirst for Kölsch. But the Brennerei Weiß in Cologne is not only popular during carnival: the gay bar also impresses during the other four seasons with its pleasant ambience and its home-style and, above all, tasty cuisine.

Bruno's Cologne

"A gay bookstore would be too much of a good thing" - anyone who thinks that should be convinced of the opposite at Bruno's. The gay bookstore chain is owned by Bruno Gmünder Verlag. Here, school-age men can find everything a gay heart desires, such as magazines, Books, DVDs ,Underwear and Sex Toys.
Bruno's is open from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 21:00.

The Café Rico

This café is not a classic trendy place, but many gay boys regularly hang out here. If the weather is good for the guests, the spacious terrace also invites you to "see and be seen". Also interesting for you: Gay contacts from Munich