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Coming is often used as a synonym for "orgasm" and plays an important role in dirty talk, among other things.

Whoever speaks of "coming", means - in a sexual context - the Orgasm or come to orgasm. Men squirt a few millilitres of sperm during this process. This does not necessarily have to be "pumped" into the partner's body. Rather, many gays use the fluid to incorporate it into lovemaking.

How about a sexy Cumshotwhere the sperm is spread on the face or tongue and in the mouth of the other person? The possibilities with regard to male cumming are extremely versatile. Many gays are also turned on by moaning the famous "I'm about to come" shortly before orgasm. This is certainly the most classic kind of "come". Dirty Talk ever.

However, some men suffer from difficulty coming or getting hard as they get older. Impotence and co. can put a lasting strain on the relationship and become a real test. After all, many people are of the opinion that a man or a woman can only reach orgasm if he/she can also feel the other person. horny finds. However, this is a fallacy!

Problems with cumming can also have physical causes and should be clarified by a doctor if in doubt. If there is a psychological problem behind it, a talk with a therapist can often help.

However, there is also help for men who, from experience, perhaps always come a little too early! Many sex toys promise longer sex and more intense orgasms. However, the extent to which these goals can actually be achieved depends on several factors.