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Impotence can become a real problem. Because: those affected have difficulty getting an erection.

Impotence is a big problem for many men. It is a classic prejudice that only older people are affected. Impotence can occur at almost any age and can have different causes.

Impotent men have difficulties getting a hard-on. Especially if these problems occur more frequently, it is important to consult a doctor in confidence. He or she can easily examine whether there are physical causes behind the impotence. If these can be ruled out, come of course, psychological reasons also come into consideration.

Many men who suffer from impotence complain about a lot of stress and fear of failure in everyday life. Accordingly, they also find it difficult to switch off in bed with their partner. Such a problem can, of course, put a lot of strain on the relationship. Some people who are with impotent men believe that the real "problem" lies with them. Couples therapy can often help to smooth the waters a little and bring clarity to all parties involved.

Unfortunately, however, many sufferers make the mistake of being ashamed of their impotence. They put off going to the doctor for a long time and sometimes even fall into depression. However, this is exactly what does not have to be the case! Those who know WHY the problem in question has occurred can usually combat it. Sometimes - especially when the impotence can be explained by stress and the like - it already helps to switch off a little with the help of mental exercises and to find your own inner balance again.