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Monatsarchiv: March 2021

Homophobia in everyday life

Homophobia and homophobia has many facets

Homophobia and homophobia have many facets Homophobia in everyday life is more current than ever, also in Germany. Many queers encounter homophobic people - maybe not every day, but still regularly. The unpleasant experiences are often obvious. But indirect homophobia is also widespread. This often involves certain acts and statements that discredit homosexuals and show... weiterlesen

More and more men are resorting to cosmetic surgery

More and more men are resorting to cosmetic surgery

Men and cosmetic surgery - the quest for perfection The pressure to always look "perfect" (unfortunately) still plays an enormously important role in society, with many men also resorting to cosmetic surgery. It is not only the social networks that contribute to this development. Hollywood and the like also convey the image that... weiterlesen

Living trends 2021: These furniture & colours are in now

Living Trends 2021 These furniture & colours are in now

Which living trends will be particularly popular in 2021? The quality of life is determined, among other things, by the cosiness of the living trend or the design of one's own four walls. In short: anyone who manages to furnish their home in such a way that - at least from their own point of view - no wishes remain unfulfilled can make their everyday life more beautiful in the long term. And even though individuality is of course a... weiterlesen

Tips to avoid food cravings

Tips to avoid food cravings

Avoiding food cravings - this is how it works Everyone is familiar with classic food cravings. Getting them under control is a particular challenge for some people. However, there are (fortunately) some tips to either prevent them or at least reduce the cravings a little. Here it makes perfect sense to be attentive. Because: apart from... weiterlesen

Beatrice Egli and Eloy de Jong release their duet

Beatrice Egli and Eloy de Jong release their duet

Eloy de Jong, Beatrice Egli and their joint duet "Bist du's oder bist du's nicht" Especially in times of pandemic, lockdown and co. many people need positive vibes in their lives like in Beatrice Egli's new song. The Schlager genre has made it its business to serve exactly this need... And this... weiterlesen

Disney+ presents - Love, Victor via Star

Disney+ presents via Star - Love, Victor

Series "Love, Victor" finally available on German streaming service The LGBTQ Series hit "Love. Simon" from the USA finally makes it to a German streaming service. Fans had to wait a long time for this day. In the meantime, the series is running on "Disney+" - more precisely: in the newly introduced category "Disney+ STAR". However, "Love, Victor" is not the... weiterlesen

First date via video chat: Ideas and tips for the lockdown

First date via video chat Ideas and tips for the lockdown

5 Flirting Tips for the Perfect Video Chat in the Corona Pandemic Many gays currently know the problem: where in the past "live"If you have been dating and flirting for a long time, you now have to take contact restrictions and video chat into account. In order to still maintain the chances in virtual dating, it is important to pay attention to a few points. Loosely based on... weiterlesen

Men's trend: Grey hair makes you really sexy!

Why men with grey hair are sexy... Grey hair, which some men find quite disturbing, looks quite sexy to many outsiders. Opinions about grey hair on the head differ. However, it can also not be denied that these "highlights" develop into a fashionable eye-catcher over time... weiterlesen

Kiss properly: We show you with 5 tips how to do it right!

The right way to kiss We show you 5 tips on how to do it right!

5 kissing tips for couples in love - how to keep the relationship going Kissing makes you happy, relaxes you and reminds you why you fell in love with him "back then". Even if it may sound a little unromantic: proper kissing is not witchcraft and can be learned. Don't worry! Of course, the individual tongue technique remains... weiterlesen