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Gay athletes -A special hurdle?

gay football

A special hurdle: Coming out in sports Every gay man who has decided in the past to stand by himself, his inclinations and perhaps even already a steady boyfriend, knows the special feeling that a Coming Out brings with it. The mix of excitement and relief often stays in the memory for a long time. Moreover, the... weiterlesen

Will blood donations remain forbidden for homosexuals?

Pressure on Federal Government Grows - Allow Blood Donations for Homosexuals? For several weeks now, the pressure on the federal government has been increasing. More and more people are apparently of the opinion that the ban on blood donations for gay men is no longer in keeping with the times. Now the discussion has reached a new level. Among others, Microsoft and IKEA have also got involved. They... weiterlesen

How does it actually work to be gay in Germany?

How gay-friendly is Germany, actually? 15 April 2020 10:04 Over a comparatively long period of time, it has been difficult to quantify the number of people who are gay-friendly. LGBTQ community known in Germany. There was a lack of representative studies and surveys. Reliable values were determined in 2016. Here, approximately 7.5 per cent of Germans stated that they were either lesbian,... weiterlesen