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These men's piercings are hot in 2021

These men's piercings are hot in 2021

This body jewellery is what everyone wants Piercing Fans 2021 The piercing trend is unbroken. What was often ridiculed as "entertaining", especially in the 1990s, still enjoys particular popularity today. Among other things, many men are also enthusiastic about the rings and plugs on the most diverse parts of the body. Who in 2021... weiterlesen

Ralph Lauren's new campaign stands for diversity

Ralph Loren's new campaign focuses on diversity

Ralph Lauren focuses on diversity It is nothing new that fashion companies and trendy brands like Ralph Lauren are committed to more diversity. But especially when the "big", well-known brands decide to take up the cudgels for diversity. LGBTQ community, the attention of the addressees is usually particularly strong. Ralph Lauren has now developed the... weiterlesen