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A piercing is a special piece of jewellery for which a certain area of skin is pierced. Accordingly, an earring is also a piercing.

Piercing has enjoyed particular popularity since the 1990s. The corresponding pieces of jewellery can be rings or rods or plugs, for example. In order for these to be fixed in the respective places, the skin must be pierced.

Whether the piercing of a piercing is basically painful (or not) depends on the individual's perception of pain. The pierced area can of course also be decisive. While many gays often find a piercing in the ear area "not bad", the situation is often a little different in connection with intimate piercings. Especially piercings in the area around the Penis many men are particularly sceptical.

However, a corresponding piece of jewellery on erogenous body parts can also be perceived as increasing pleasure. This is especially true if the partner is also enthusiastic about this special accessory and incorporates it into his caresses.

As with other types of body jewellery, it is also important to pay attention to a high level of hygiene when piercing. Otherwise, there is a high risk of inflammation - especially shortly after the piercing. However, if properly cared for and pierced under clean conditions, piercings are a very interesting form of body jewellery that not only looks good, but can also be extremely stimulating with regard to sex and corresponding adventures.