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Ralph Lauren focuses on diversity

Ralph Loren's new campaign focuses on diversity

The fact that fashion companies and trendy brands like Ralph Lauren are committed to more diversity is nothing new. However, it is precisely when the "big", well-known brands decide to take up a lance for the LGBTQ community, the attention of the addressees is usually particularly strong.

Ralph Lauren has now used Christmas as an opportunity to show people once again just how versatile Diversity (in the truest sense of the word) can be lived. Because: not only individuals, but also whole families can be "colourful".

It is precisely this aspect that the new Ralph Lauren campaign aims to bring into focus.

The reasons for a special campaign - what does "diverse" actually mean?

Ralph Lauren, one of the most well-known companies in the fashion industry, has been associated with the LGBTQ community over the years, but also with other types of diversity.

Thus, the models in the corresponding collections are characterised by different skin colours and different types, among other things. Here, it is often not only the colours that are worn that are bright.

Now, the very diversity that the brand has always associated itself with was used to launch an X-Mas campaign. A total of eleven families took part. The people come from the most diverse parts of the world and tell their - sometimes particularly impressive - stories.

No matter whether gay or lesbian: the Ralph Lauren campaign catches the eye, gives courage, but could also polarise in conservative circles. However, this was probably also the goal. After all, campaigns like this help the community to draw attention to itself and to show why "rainbow families", lesbian and gay couples should actually be considered "normal" in an enlightened country by now.

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Ralph Loren's new campaign focuses on diversity

Honest concern or "rainbow-washing" - many companies are confronted with accusations

As already indicated, Ralph Lauren is not the only company that focuses on queers in its campaigns. More and more brands are now campaigning for more tolerance - for example by including the rainbow in their logo.

What has been said on many sides of the Scene is welcomed, others do not understand it. Again and again there is talk of so-called "pinkwashing" or "rainbow-washing".

The question behind this is whether the company in question is actually working for the rights of gays, lesbians and other queers or whether this could be some kind of marketing strategy.

After all, a commitment in this area can generate a lot of sympathy. At the same time, companies (or people) who are so committed to the rights of the LGBTQ community are often seen as particularly modern and progressive.

However, it would certainly be wrong to place all those who obviously care about protecting or expanding the rights of queers under general suspicion. Many companies also donate parts of their income to relevant projects, among other things, without going public with their financial commitment in a particularly publicity-effective way.

Accordingly, as is so often the case, it is certainly necessary to differentiate and sometimes merely to be pleased that such an important issue is receiving the attention it deserves through the corresponding actions.


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