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The term diversity plays an important role especially in the LGBTQ scene. It stands for diversity.


The English term diversity stands for variety and the desire to accept differences between different people. Accordingly, this word naturally also plays a role for, among other things, the LGBTQ Scene an important role.

But: other groups now also place a lot of value on being recognised. No matter whether it is about diversity in connection with religions, skin colour, preferences or anything else: those who stand up for their rights expect a certain degree of acceptance from society.

But the demands that are being made in connection with different diversity campaigns naturally go even further. Because: the members of the diverse groups want to have the same rights as others. This is often an enormous challenge, also depending on the country. Unfortunately, many people are still discriminated against because of their origin or sexual orientation.

Germany can certainly be seen as a kind of pioneer in many areas. Many regulations that are important with regard to the demands around diversity are regulated here in the Equal Treatment Act.

However, probably the most original diversity movement took place much earlier in America, when the black population started to stand up for their rights. Thus, at the beginning of the 20th century, the foundation was already laid for a phenomenon that had no real name at the time, but already had the potential to change the world.

However, there is certainly still a long way to go before diversity can actually be lived in all areas and to the full extent worldwide.